Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) and Defined Contribution (DC) choices

Applicable only to former members of (a) the Thomson Retirement Benefits Scheme, (b) the Thomson Pension Plan, and (c) Racal members whose AVCs with Legal & General were switched to this arrangement in 2013

The following information is available on investment choices for your AVC/DC funds:

However, if you are an ex-Thomson member whose AVC/DC funds were formerly invested with Equitable Life, please note that you may currently be in a different Lifestyle strategy as previously advised when funds were switched across in 2012: Moving to Your New Investment Choices (for funds invested in Equitable Life). If so, you may remain in this ex-Equitable Life 15-year Lifestyle strategy, or switch your funds to any of the ongoing Investment Choices detailed in the new leaflet above (including the 10-year Lifestyle strategy). However, if you switch out of the ex-Equitable 15-year Lifestyle strategy, it will not be possible to move back into it at a later date as it is closed to any new joiners.

Please also note that you will receive an annual statement showing the current value of your AVC/DC funds.

If, after reading these communications and the FAQs, you have any further questions please submit these in writing – either by e-mail to or by post to:

Thales Pensions Team
Sutherland House
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